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Hi everyone!

I have a premade set of dread falls that were created out of sheer boredom hense all of the random different styles of dreads.

These are 60 SE Black/Red/Burgundy
Dreads mounted on heavy duty fabric elastics. It consists of solid
colors, 2 colors, transitions, messy wraps, blends, and stripes.

They are approximately 9in-14in.

These are fine by themselves or add them to a current pair of hairfalls for fun accents!

I'm asking $40+ Shipping!

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Prices and Shipping Information

Synthetic Dread Falls:

I’ll make them however long/short/thick/thin you want them. I regularly make them 16-20inches with an average thickness. Any longer than 20inches there will be a small fee, same goes for super thick dreads. (Approx. $25-$35USD Fee)

Prices- $60USD-$120USD (shipping not included)

Synthetic Dread Extensions:

I make both SE (Single Ended) and DE (Double Ended) synthetic dread extensions. Just like the falls, the longer they are, the higher the price. I don’t recommend super thick dreads to be braided in, it just doesn’t work out that well but thin/regular thickness should work out fine!

Prices- $100USD-$190USD (shipping not included)


These are 100% Human Hair! Hand dyed and sewn, these fringes are made to last! For those of you unaware of what these are, basically it is a strip of hair placed on your hair line to give the effect of bangs! Usually held in place by a headband/goggles/bandana/what have you. Regular fringe is 8inches wide and 12inches long.
They also come in 16inches and 22inches. (Approx. $35-45USD for 16” & 22”)

[12”]Single color: $20USD

[12”]2 Toned (not layered): $25USD

[12”]2 Toned (layered): $28USD

[12”]3 Toned (layered):$32USD

Clips added by request!

Clip-In Extensions:

Want that little extra “oomf” but don’t want to deal with the messy, damaging bleaches/hair dyes? What to just try out a color before the commitment? Scared of people staring at you? Well that’s just fine, these sound like the right choice for you!
Just like the fringes, these are 100% Human Hair and come in 3 lengths [12”,16”, 18”]. These are normally 1inches-1.25inches but if you want it a bit wider, just let me know!

2 Single Color: $20USD

Multicolored/Designs (leopard/zebra print): $25+USD


Want your hair piece to stand out from the rest? Let’s add something to it!
These prices are added on to your current order, example! If you buy $80 Synthetic Dread Falls but wanted some Tubular Crin ($12USD) Your total will come to $92USD + Shipping :)

Tubular Crin/Cyberlox: $12

Beads: $2

Random extra accents [foam/plastic/tubing/painted designs]:$5-$10USD

Hair Dye:

I get asked about my hair practically every day I head out the door, it’s SPECIAL EFFECTS!!! I live by this stuff and recommend it to anyone and everyone! It’s long lasting, bright, vibrant, large variety of colors just makes my world keep spinning so I hope it will keep yours going too!!

Hair Dye: $12USD +$5.25USD Shipping!


U.S.- Paypal and Money Orders ONLY! I do not accept concealed cash or checks, sorry!

Hair Dye is $5.25USD + $1USD per bottle

Dread Falls/Dread Extensions are $10.55USD

Fringes/Clip-In Extensions are $5.25USD


Yes, I ship to you! Paypal ONLY!

Hair Dye is $14.50USD (No Coverage) or $35USD (With Coverage)

Dread Falls/Dread Extensions are $35USD

Fringes/Clip-In Extensions are $14.50USD (No Coverage) or $35USD (With Coverage)

Custom Order Form

At the moment I am only accepting custom orders on Fringes/Extensions/Synthetic Dread Falls/Synthetic Dread Extensions (DE and SE)/Cyberlox, though I am hoping that sometime in the near future I will be working on wigs!....


If you have any questions, feel free to send me a comment here on LJ or e-mail me: toxikandyx@gmail.com


Custom Hair Order:




[Here is where you will establish exactly what you want! Dread Extentions? Dread Falls? Fringe? Whatever it is, this is the place to say it!]




[What colors do you want?]



Dread Count-

[How many dreads do you want? Just want a few? 20count for a little “oomf”? 40 count? 60 count for full coverage? 80 count for super big hair?! All right!]



Dread Length-

[How long do you want your dreads? Any longer than 20 inches will have a small fee]



Dread Thickness-

[How thick/thin do you want your dreads? Thicker dreads require more hair so depending on HOW thick, there may be a fee]



Extension Length/Width-

[How long do want your extensions? 12” is standard, 18” is an extra $10.00USD, and 22” is an extra $20.00USD

-How wide do you want your extensions? Standard is about 1.25inches]




[Want to stand out a little more? How about some transitional/swirls/blends/wraps/beads/braids/plastic/painted patterns (example-Leopard/Zebra print fringes) or anything your mind can come up with!]



Payment Method-


[USA: Paypal or Money Order please! NO concealed cash or checks.


International Buyers: Paypal only!!!


If you don’t have paypal, sign up now! It’s fast, safe, easy, AND FREE!!! http://www.paypal.com